At Lavanya City we create everything to keep you & your lifestyle in mind. Clean shapes, green environment, wider roads are speciality of Lavanya City. Its also provides a host of world class amenities. These include landscaped gardens the fully featured Club with tennis court, yoga pavallion, jogging tracks and much more.

At Lavanya City we do everything to keep you and your family safe and worry free by its modern advanced security features. Lavanya City is the only place where your child run amdist the flowers of heaven, where he learns to smile in a new way, where he finds some of his lost innocence. Here we alos have even put in a visitor management system .

We endeavor to make the world beautiful place to dwell in by fulfilling our customer's demand. As a real Estate company, we have been redefining the standards of real Estate with our years of experience, by offering a wide range of services. Our experts is also to grow assets and manage your diversified Portfolio.